Galebreaker Agricultural Ventilation Systems

B & G Beverly are agents for the Galebreaker system of ventilation and weather protection. We can supply any of their products to suit your situation. We are also able to fit these systems to your existing buildings.

Galebreaker supply ventilation, weather protection and access solutions for agricultural buildings. Providing the best of outdoors indoors they have been manufacturing access solutions, weather protection systems and ventilation products for agricultural buildings for 30 years.

Galebreaker fabric mesh is at the core of many of Galebreaker's products. Galebreaker screens offer an alternative to space boarding and Yorkshire boarding providing improved light penetration, ventilation and weather proofing. This tough long lasting material brings solutions to farmers seeking weather protection for agricultural buildings, ventilation for livestock buildings, doors for agricultural buildings and roller screen systems for above gates, walls and feed barriers.

Sila-Cover is a range silage covers. When used with gravel bags, these secure covers give protection against birds and mammals for maize and grass silage.

Electrically operated or manually operated doors for farm bulidings are available to suit just about every agricultural application from wide access doors to grain store doors which are farm assurance compliant.

Poultry blackout curtains provide a way of temporarily blocking light to poultry buildings to help with chicken catching or settling.

Good weather protection and ventilation for farm livestock buildings is essential to maintain a healthy environment for livestock. Galebreaker Agri's agricultural ventilation systems can be fitted to all types of livestock buildings including cattle sheds, pig housings, goat housings milking parlours and poultry buildings.

Galebreaker's Light Ridge system in combination with a range of side curtains (VVS & VVL variable ventilation systems) can be used to provide total ventilation control to maintain a healthy environment for stock in livestock buildings. Ventilation can be fully automated in response to changing weather conditions and temperature using Galebreaker's VentLogic controllers.

Stockshade provides a shelter for outdoor pigs and chickens which can help reduce the risk of sunburn in pigs.